A Rest Day, Fishy Tofts Lane & accidental boob grabs

I know I said I would blog sunday nights but have decided a weeks training, work and life would be too much for one a week blogging. So will be blogging on Wednesday nights as well.

Gonna be an easy lower mileage affair this week…..about 80miles would be good. 😉

only kidding 35miles is the plan.

Monday I was quite tired from the weekends adventures so after changing mind around a thousand times I finally decided to have a rest day and get in a Tuesday speed session with freshish legs.

Tuesday night was Hallamshire harriers club night & a speed session. Was really looking forward to Clay wheel reps but on realisation of the Mighty Owls being at home meant Tofts lane fartlek or sheer hilly hell by its other name.  Was a good turnout   and it was nice to see Jez mirams make it for a change.It was made worse by the strong smell of fish near the pub onTofts lane. 7.77miles in 1hr 13mins, a good strong fast session for me, Gives me hope for The Parkrun @ the weekend.

Wednesday work was a tiring day, Removing of 6 leaning barrier boards to a the support post with Metpost. Tried at first to hammer spikes into the ground with a 4lb club hammer. Didnt work. After purchasing a sledgehammer from Bodge it & Quickly it became a little easier, but only a little. Swinging an hammer over your head and down onto a Sq. bit of steel is very tiring. Started job at 10:30 and finally just finished at 16:30 without dinner.

Finished work and it was straight into a planned 5mile recovery run but straight away decided to have a 7mile run instead. All started well with a decent pace past Hyde park flat and across road to Parkhill flats. good view of the setting sun

set back off and set off all the way up to brookhill roundabout. As I passed the HSBC bank a young female student took a step back into my path. No chance of stopping I ran straight into her grabbing her in a bear hug and hands firmly on her breasts. Oops! great embarassment on both parts and we both apoligised as I quickly upped my pace into the distance.

Set back off partly chuckling to myself  & partly nervously keeping an eye out for a police car coming to arrest me for sexual assault! Got into hillsborough and set off up side of boxing club and got lost in two pararell culdisacks. I finished run at middlewood tram stop unharrased by the police and no more attacks on any young lasses. Phew. A good strong 7.26mile run in 58min with plenty of hills and a decent pace. just have to watch crimewatch to see if I m on there.

Crossed Fingers everyone.

Anyway 15miles this week, Club run tomorrow and Hallam Parkrun Saturday. Not sure what I will do Sunday, Cycle to Totley and back or a 10mile TPT run.

Bye For Now

Again if anyone wants to donate to Bluebell Wood



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