Running the track, killer irons and a missing bus

Been a mixed bag of running & life this week, a good 12miler to work monday, An industrial accident involving the Bro in law & Steven Millars first track interval session tuesday and a scenic 12.5 mile sunday run to finish the week.

A monday morning run to work in 1hr 32min gave me hope of a good week of training ahead.  Tuesday involved asking the brother in law to help me at work assemble some scaffold to fix high level  barrier netting tension wire. Next was footballs off the roof and things didnt quite go to plan resulting in a snapped ladder and a 10ft fall and an ambulance journey for Byron.

Tuesday night was a track interval session with Windy millar(his first). 6miles of 4x400m & 4x80m reps. good hard session and felt tired but strong

Wednesday morning resulted in waking up with upper hamstring pain. oh no not now. pain had subsided by 4pm so i set off for another 12mile run home but 4miles in the odd twinge in glutes convinced me to cut short run to 5miles. Not good!

Thursday morning started well with no pain in hamstring on waking but became a disaster quickly with the killer steam iron suicidily launching itself point first into my right big toe, dislocating it, I put it back in place and a forced day off from running. very unhappy boy.

Friday the toe felt good so after work i tried a run and it became a very good 6mile run.

Saturday & Parkrun,  ha ha, saturday was…………..intresting. I got up, I fueled up and out i went for the bus. got near the bus stop and off it shot 2min early without me. T**t, oh well another one in 20min, yeah right 40min later a bus turned up. Not a chance of making start of Hallam Parkrun but i will goan cheer them on. A 2mile run to endcliffe park, a few shouts to Baz, didds & Lady P and went to see organisers. They then convinced me to start the Parkrun 13.5min later than every one else. A run of 19min 26secs resulted in me finishing 101st & 32min 49sec. Oh dear! wont do that again.

Sunday was slightly better with a scenic 12.5mile conservative run up Hillsborough golf course and around Damflask reserviour with windy millar. I finished in Hillsborough and off he went for the 1mile jog home. He only went and ran bloody 17miles. It was supposed to be my long run not his.

Lets hope I can have a good week of training and a new Parkrun & 5k PB at the weekend. No killers irons, snapping ladders or pain in the arses.

Bye for Now.

P.s. If anyone fancies donating to my chosen charity, here is my charity page for Bluebell Wood Hospice.


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