A long way to go?

The white Peak marathon

My first marathon

26.2miles along the Tissington trail In north Derbyshire peak district. A long way? Yes/no

On the 22nd May 2011 I will find out for myself, there will be ups, there will be downs and that will be just the training for it which has already started on 1st January. As I sit here on 24/01/11 writing this I have run, jogged and sprinted my way to 149.4miles in January with close to 200 miles aimed for by the end of the month.

I have set a target of 3hr – 3hr 15min for the white peak but also mini targets to achieve on the journey as well:-
5k sub 18min currently 18:56
10k sub 38min currently 38:56
1/2 marathon sub 1hr 30min currently 1:31:09

Being the optimist(don’t laugh)I am I want run 2hr 59min 58secs but depends on how close i get to 1.25:00 at SIGSHM.

I will be trying to post every Sunday night but will post again tonight to report on the last weeks training inc. a comedic Hallam Parkrun

Bye For Now


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